Mighty Monk Nitro Cold Brew Pour


Infused with nitrogen gas and served from a stout tap, Nitro Infused Cold Brew Coffee Draught has become a phenomenon over the past few years in the coffee world.

By infusing our Cold Brew Coffee with nitrogen gas, the coffee pours in the same manner as a stout draught with a thick creamy textured head on top. The result is a lovely textured cold coffee drink, that contains no ingredients other than water and coffee.

Be it for events, offices, restaurants or coffee shops – we provide full Nitro Coffee solutions including installation of taps, maintenance, and delivery of nitrogen-infused Cold Brew Coffee kegs.

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Available in 750ml bottles at select locations, Mighty Monk’s Original Black Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate is a mild blend of two single origin Arabica coffees. It’s full of flavour, with sweet chocolatey characteristics and a lingering aftertaste. Making a cup  just requires you to add water.

Our Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate is less bitter and less acidic than regular coffee.

It’s a versatile and easy to use product that can be:

  • Diluted with cold water and poured over ice for a refreshing iced coffee
  • Mixed down to make a delicious cup of hot coffee
  • Used as a mixer for a large variety of cocktails and drinks
  • Used for numerous applications in food and baking
Mighty Monk Original Black Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
About The Mighty Monk and his Cold Brew Coffee


The path is simple to follow when you have a knowledgeable guide…

For the home cold brew enthusiast, we offer our uniquely crafted blends in 250g and 1kg bags of beans, along with comprehensive step by step instructions for cold brewing.

While we’ve created the perfect flavour profiles for cold brewing, our beans work just as well for all purposes.