Born in South Africa, Mighty Monk is a coffee company focussed exclusively on the cold brew process. We strive to provide coffee of transcendent quality with a consistently outstanding flavour across all blends and products.

The Mighty Monk is a seeker of purity. Purity of the mind, the soul, and the bean. Which is why we only use freshly roasted 100% Arabica beans. But more than purity, we believe in being in the right place at the right time. Kharma usually has this covered, but just to help her out, we carefully select our beans for the perfect Cold Brew Coffee.

As the monk needs a place of solitude, Cold Brew Coffee needs a place to brew. To this end, we’ve designed and built a specialist cold brew facility, using 100% food grade stainless steel. The water is passed through a 3-step triple filtration system. For maximum purity our final brew is passed through a 2-step filtration system. This way we maintain a consistently high standard for the end product.

Mighty Monk Cold Brew Coffee


What is the meaning of life?

These are questions that keep us up at night. As does cold brew coffee. It (the coffee, not life) begins with a carefully selected blend of 100% arabica beans. This bespoke blend is ground and left to steep in purified cold water for around 16 – 24 hours (enough time for a coffee bean to truly contemplate the deepest mysteries of the universe).

By using only cold water during production, one ensures that the end-product is less bitter and up to 60% less acidic than regular coffee. It also packs an extra caffeine kick, as the beans have so much time to steep.

After steeping, the solution is passed through a double-filtration system, leaving a smooth, delicious, high-caffeine, low-acidity coffee. This cold brew concentrate can then be diluted and served over ice as a rich, smooth iced coffee or mixed in with boiling water for a hot cuppa the good stuff.

As for life’s meaning, that’s a question for higher minded philosophers than ourselves….


This is a story about the Mighty Monk and how he discovered the path that lead to Cold Brew Coffee.

Out in the mountains a lowly monk noticed his goats eating certain berries. It wouldn’t be worth a mention (goats will eat just about anything, you see), but they kept returning to the same bush for the same berries, which piqued the young man’s interest. And when the goats had more energy than ever, the monk really paid attention. After all, the common goat is already a highly energetic creature.

Being so lowly, he knew he should raise the issue with those much wiser than he. So off he went to the Abbot and the other seniors of the monastery. The higher ups had never heard of such things, and, curious, they each tried chewing on a few berries. First they noticed the flavour; sweet and chocolaty with a lingering aftertaste. After which came the kick; an energy boost unlike anything the elders had felt in decades! They ran across the hills, laughing and shouting like children (or goats), their robes fluttering in the breeze.

One of the oldest monks, the head of the kitchen, who mostly dealt in grains and water, suggested a brewing method to extract the flavour, and perhaps the energy properties, into a drink. Together, the monks created a cold-brewing system and turned the beans into a refreshing, recharging, delicious drink. It helped them study late into the night, jump out of bed early in the morning, and easily travel on long journeys to wherever it is that monks have to travel. And as for the lowly goat-herding monk, from that day forth he was Mighty Monk! Refresher of the unrefreshed, waker of the tired, provider of energy, and Abbot of flavour.

About The Mighty Monk and his Cold Brew Coffee